Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions



For users

Is there a membership fee for using DailyGobble?
No.  The service is free to all users.  

Do I have to print out a coupon or call the restaurant to confirm?
No, nothing will need to be printed out.

How will I cash out my savings?
You can get your money back through PayPal within one hour after submitting your receipt to us. You can also request a check in the mail if your balance reaches $25 or above.

Who will pay for the consumer savings?
DailyGobble will pay directly to you, and then collect from the restaurant.

When are the regular offers valid and how long do they last?
They are valid on the day and hours specified on the offer.


How does DailyGobble work?
You “Claim” an offer via the website/mobile app and pay full price at the restaurant (you will not need to identify yourself as a DailyGobble user upon paying the bill). Then you take a photo of the receipt and send it to us. We will validate the receipt and approve the savings within the hour. After that you will see the credit in your account, which you could cash out through PayPal right away, or get a check once you have $25 in total savings.

Do I need to have a PayPal account to use the DailyGobble service?

No, you don’t. However, it will be easier and faster for you to cash out your savings or credit if you have a PayPal account.


What happens if the the offer ends while I am at the restaurant?

It's ok. We know the types of fun that can be had while dining out so we have a grace period of an hour from the times stated.


Do I have to pay upfront to claim either the featured offers or regular offers?
All offers are free to claim, regardless they are featured offers or regular offers.

How many offers can I “claim” each day?
Currently we don’t see the need for each user to “claim” more than 4 offers a day so the cap is 4. However if you strongly feel that you want to use more than 4 offers a day, please let us know and we will certainly evaluate the requests to increase the limit.

How do I submit the receipts?
You could either submit receipts through our Mobile Apps by directly taking a photo of the receipt on the photo and submit it for the associated offer; or you could submit it via our website by uploading the photo through the computer.


What if I am dining with other DailyGobble Users?
Simply upload one picture of the check and email us the names of everyone in your party at'll make sure all users get the appropriate rebate within the hour!


Do you have an app for Android phones?
Yes. Yes we do. Blackberry to come soon!

For restaurant owners

Is there any upfront cost to sign up with DailyGobble?
There is no upfront cost,  no software/hardware installation and no staff training required.  You only pay DailyGobble after we successfully bring customers to your restaurant.

What is the service fee DailyGobble charges?
We charge a percentage of pre-tax bill as our service fee, the higher discount you offer to the consumers, the lower service we charge. For more details of the service fee, please contact

When and how do I pay DailyGobble?
Current month’s charges (consumer savings + service fee) will be billed at the beginning of the following month.  Charges will be placed on restaurant’s credit card on file on the 15th of the following month.

What kind of discounts do I need to offer to customers?
Typically you need to offer at least 15-20% off to incentivize customers to visit your restaurant. Keep in mind the higher the discount, the more customers we will be able to bring to you. Some restaurants have offered as high as 50%+ off offers.

Can I change the offers after I set them up?
Offers can be changed at anytime by logging into your DailyGobble restaurant account. You could remove/edit/add offers using the website to instantly respond to changing business conditions.

You mentioned the offers can be time-based, can you please explain how it works?
You can have offers that target specific hours of the day, and specific days of the week. It is designed to help you create offers that brings you customers when you need them the most, especially during the times when your business is slower. For example, offers can be set up as valid on Monday 7pm -10pm and/or Wednesday 11am -12:30pm.

What type of offers can I set up?
Two types: X% off total bill, or, $Y off $Z minimum spend.

Can I cancel the service?
You can cancel the service at anytime by contacting your sales representative. Please keep in mind that there is no on-going cost if we don’t bring your any customers. Instead of canceling the service, you could simply remove all the offers to stay inactive. This way you could start using DailyGobble as soon as you feel the need again.

I am already working some other daily deals services, how different is yours?
Different from other daily deals websites, we allow you create time-based offers to dynamically respond to changing demand. The discounts you create through other deals website are all pre-defined and unchangable once set up, which may bring you unwanted discount customers during peak times and overwhelming demand that you may not have anticipated, resulting in poor service and less repeat business.

I’d like to participate. Whom should I contact?
Please contact to sign up.